Maestro's Addicted to Mobile. Is There An App For That?

Here at Maestro, mobile makes up more than 70% of our business. But we were curious to know just how important it has become in our everyday lives. So, we asked 30 members of our team to tell us and then we compiled their responses.


How much mobile does one Maestronaut need?

We asked our team how many mobile devices they use both at work and at home. The answers ranged from 1 to 6. Yes, there is a mobile-obsessed Maestronaut with six mobile devices.

66 Total Devices

2.2 Devices Per Maestronaut

How much mobile does one Maestronaut need?

When asked to guestimate the amount of time they spend each day on a mobile device, here’s what our Maestronauts said.

  • <1 hr
  • 1-3 hrs
  • 3-5 hrs
  • >5 hrs

2.96 hrs on average

Is there an app for that?

We then asked our team how many apps they felt they used on a typical day. Their answers were in line with the national average of 7.9 apps per day.

8 Apps
on average

It's a Popularity Contest

So what apps are most popular here at Team Maestro? When asked to report their favorite and most-used apps, our Maestronauts provided quite a collection of great picks. Here are our team’s top five apps.

Just How Addicted Are You?

So many apps, so little time. How often do Maestronauts seek out and download new apps? Here’s what they said.

Appsolutely Critical

Finally, we asked our team members just how important apps are to their everyday lives. In summary: PLEASE don’t take our apps or our mobile devices away!

More Mobile Madness

You’ve seen just how important apps and mobile devices are to us here at Maestro. Now take a look at what our fellow mobile enthusiasts had to say about their own additions to mobile.

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