Mobile: Gotta have it

How important is mobile to you? We asked and you told us! After sharing with you just how important mobile is to our team here at Maestro, you told us what it means to you. Here is what you said...


How many mobile devices does it take to...

We asked how many mobile devices you use each day. The answers ranged from 1 to 6. Maestro had one person with 6 devices, too! Maybe these two should meet...

65 Total Devices

2.2 Devices on Average

Time Flies When You're Using Apps

When asked to guestimate the amount of time you spend each day on a mobile device, here’s what you said.

  • <1 hr
  • 1-3 hrs
  • 3-5 hrs
  • >5 hrs

2.48 hrs on average

One App, Two App, Three App, Four...

We then asked you how many apps you felt you used on a typical day. You happen to be above the national average of 7.9 apps per day!

10 Apps
on average

Gotta have it.

So what apps are the most popular? We asked which apps you use and compiled that data to show your top five favorites.

So many apps, so little time.

When we asked how often you seek out and download new apps here's what you told us.

Do you need Apps? Appsolutely!

Finally, we asked just how important apps are to your everyday life. It looks like you're just as addicted as we are here at Maestro.

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